Mission Planning and Data Collection

Quick, cost-effective, high-resolution data

High-resolution geospatial mapping and analysis to provide quantitative and qualitative data for a variety of applications

Mission Planning

Logistics, airspace authorization, data collection collection, resolution and accuracy requirements, etc.

  • Determine the resolution and accuracy needed for project requirements
  • Airspace authorization and local regulations adherence requirements
  • Logistics and neighboring property owner notifications (project specific)
  • Flight path, ground control points, and terrestrial sensors data collection strategy
  • Establish procedures to integrate deliverables into pre-existing project requirements

Data Collection

Aerial and ground imagery as well as ground control points (GCPs)

  • Imagery: RED, Green, Blue [RGB]; Normalized Difference Vegitation Index [NDVI]; Normalized Difference Red Edge [NDRE]
    • Geotagged, high-resolution, JPEG and TIFF format, etc.
      Feature attributes (color values, vegetation/ground type, etc.)
  • Ground imagery (RGB)
  • Ground control points (GCPs)
  • Feature attributes (color values, vegitation/ground type, etc.)

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