Post-Processing and Analysis

Efficient processing and qualitative analysis

High-resolution geospatial mapping and analysis to provide quantitative and qualitative data for a variety of applications


Quick post-processing time using professional computer and software capabilities

  • Quick processing time using high-performance and specially designed computers (10x faster than traditional processors)
  • Capable of handling small to large scale projects
  • Can import and export in various file formats (jpeg, tiff, las, obj, shp, etc.)


Geospatial analysis using geographic information systems (GIS) and analytical tools

  • The process of capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing, managing, and presenting various types of geographical data
  • Vegetation health, sub-soil feature mapping, slope, aspect, contours, watershed and viewshed delineation, site monitoring using volumetric (monitoring site erosion), site cross-comparison, point cloud classification [ground, vegetation, building, etc.], feature delineation)


Mapping object’s three-dimensional location (local or universal grid)


Represents a landscape’s topography (steepness or gentleness of slopes)


Measurements that represent size, length, circumference, or elevation

Feature Delineation

The isolating of similar pixel values which represent a specific features


The measurement of depression and protrusion volume 


Delineating the area that drains into a single catch basin 

Use Case Examples

Risk Assessment

Predicting Archaeological Site Erosion

  • Predict and quantitatively calculate potential site and cultural heritage loss to develop mitigation or data extracting plans
  • The risk assessment is based off of the projected sea level rise over the course of the next 100 years (current, low, medium, and high projection)

Isolating Ground Features

Pixel Delineation of Unique Ground Features

  • Isolating ground features based on their unique spectral signatures in order to develop shapefiles, calculate surface area, analyze percentages, etc.
  • Calculate total surface area and change through space and time of ground features

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