A multifaceted geospatial mapping and analysis firm

Arcudigm specializes in geospatial mapping and analysis, using UAS or drones and geographic information systems (GIS) technology, as well as drone cinematography and photography, serving Maine and New England

Logistics, airspace authorization, data collection design, resolution and accuracy requirements, etc.

Aerial and ground imagery as well as ground control points (GCPs) collection

Quick post-processing time using professional computer and software capabilities 

Geospatial analysis using geographic information systems (GIS) and analytical tools

Personalized client portal and login credentials to monitor and download project data

Orthomosaics, point clouds, 3D models, digital elevation models (DEM), and more

"Arcudigm's assistance with this new technology provided a view of our proceedings I had long desired but for which lacked the expertise and equipment."
Kathleen Wheeler, PhD
Principal Investigator​

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